80 milioni per le start up


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Su Wired di settembre 2013 si parla di 80 milioni di euro per finanziare le start-up


from hands

Was there just waiting for i don’t know what. Maybe me.
Hot because of the summer and the silence is always silenced by the summer tuscaned medium day.
My daughter ignorant performer and superbe, crash the silence with a little, shiny, cracling candy
paper pack.



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It’s a long time i don’t post about sites/blog/… of others.
today i’ve been inspired by this blog… i admit i didn’t browse in it too deeply but as i said, something of this site inspires me: maybe it’s the fanzine [is so rare today (and i appreciate) to find people that spend time and money in paper], or maybe is because i’ve seen interesting pictures of instruments and creations.
one day i’ll know




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it was quite early in the morning and you don’t know if all you need is sleep or think…
think. just for devotion to the sacred silence that is surrounding you and that will disappear 2 seconds after your daughter wakes up…
but no silence is as sacred as the one interrupted by a curious sound: a dog, drinking water with his tag bouncing on the dish.

my unliSteNable SouNdscape) Embossed glass fruit salad dessert bowl


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A summer dinner on the hill, in a farm, far from city noises…
you can listen to the sound of 14 Embossed Glass Fruit Salad Dessert Bowl contemporarily served to 14 fruit salad eaters (and unconsciously players). With their curious teaspoon… searching for the last drop of sweet juice they were playing a minimal soundscape, tuned with crickets and the moon.

my unliSteNable SouNdscape) 24th june [Firenze – Italy]


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On 24th of june i was sitting, sometimes lying, near my daughter bed, she had temperature. her bedroom has one big window on a very small and closed backyard were other windows of other flats, of other people, of other lifes lead into.
from that window, open, i heard the sounds of other families, in particular the audio of a television, of a movie. i lost my self listening to those sounds, listening to the voice of misterious actress in a mYterious movie, and i listened (!) the sound of the face of the person who was watching that tv.
far we heard the sounds of fireworks for S. Giovanni.
silence growing up slowly… first after fireworks ending, then after tv neighboor turned off…

my SauNz) TooSoul


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this SauNz is a tribute to Saul Williams, my favorite slam poet.
not linking about him because… everyone as his own way to the new.

but i transcribe the poem… maybe i shouldn’t but it is too beautiful to don’t risk…

She asked that I remove my dreams before entering her home.
One cannot enter a court room bearing arms.
I had decided to sharpen the edges of a certain childhood fantasy and tuck it away in my sock. Emotional lavishness can deplete memory banks.
Although her parents saved and saved, she knew no baptism.
Which is no fault, unless you have a Christian name. I do not trust her.
My plan was to attack in the 43 seconds it takes eyes to adjust to moonlight after lights out. No one told me that dreams glow in the dark.
I was discovered and scheduled to be lynched in her town square.
I remind you, for every one of us you lynch, there is another burning witch.
I once visited a lost world where black men with broken necks held the hand of charred women. They shared a love that was as beautiful as it was incestuous.
Calamity makes cousins of us all.


MAXXI – Rome


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oN Sunday (june 12th) been to MaXXI – museum of modern art in Rome –
in it i found an open minding exhibit of PISTOLETTO… but this kind of places are architettonically so peaceful that would be amazing also if they where FULLY EMPTY.

mirror paintings…mirror paintings…mirror paintings…

MaXXI – Rome